Cork Is Rowing Its Way To Success – Mark O’Donovan, Shane O’Driscoll & Denise Walsh With Cork Credit Unions

Cork & Irish Rowers – Ireland’s New Heroes

Never has the phrase, ‘row, row, row your boat’ been so current than since Paul and Gary O’Donovan took the silver for Ireland at the Olympics.

Ever since, rowing has been a hot topic and has set a new beginning for Irish athletes. Though Paul and Gary are indeed heroes, we have had a surge in Irish rowing talents, as seen below in our image with Mark O’Donovan, Shane O’Driscoll and Denise Walsh.

L-R: Walter Power, Treasurer of Cork Chapter of Credit Unions, Mark O’Donovan, Shane O’Driscoll, Denise Walsh and John Colbert, Chairman of Cork Chapter of Credit Unions (click to enlarge picture).


Irish rowers are a huge inspiration to us all, showing that through hard work and dedication, amazing new heights can be achieved.

Congratulations to Mark O’Donovan, Shane O’Driscoll and Denise Walsh

With the above in mind, we want to say a massive congratulations to Mark O’Donovan, Shane O’Driscoll and Denise Walsh, all of whom have been performing outstandingly at the World Rowing Championships and demonstrating just how powerful us Corkonians can be!

We wish Mark, Shane and Denise our absolute best in their races later on today, all competing for gold for themselves, their country and their county; Cork.

Cork Credit Unions Supporting Rowing

Credit Unions countrywide are banding together and supporting rowing, but this is particularly so in the Cork Chapter XI. All of us Credit Unions in this chapter are proud and privileged to be represented by such a fantastic sport and such astounding people. It is our honour to be able to help facilitate the growth of rowing throughout our county and country.

Tune In & Support Your Own

Tune in today to support our athletic lads and lady and help them give it everything they’ve got. We know that they will do us proud no matter what and that they have already put us on the map out there in Florida. We may be known as the Emerald Isle, but we have some other jewels to offer, namely our rowing stars of today and tomorrow.

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We will leave you now with our best wishes for our athletes – and to everyone else, have a great weekend!



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