Job Description – CEO


JOB TITLE: Credit Union Manager
REPORTING TO: Board of Directors

The manager of a credit union shall be the chief executive officer of the credit union having responsibility for the day-to-day management of the credit union’s operations, compliance and performance and shall be responsible to the board of directors for the performance of his or her functions, and of staff in the discharge of their duties.
The Manager, in exercising the authority delegated by the Board and in discharging the duties and responsibilities of the office of Manager, as set out in this job description, shall, at all times act in conformance with the Rules of the Credit Union in force at the relevant time.
1. The preparation and proposing to the board of directors for debate, scrutiny and approval, strategies for the strategic plan that the board of directors are required to prepare and approve under current legislation .

2. Implementing the strategies agreed by the board of directors to the standards set out in the strategic plan or as otherwise required by the board of directors.

3. To propose policies for consideration by the Board, ensuring implementation of agreed policies and procedures.

4. To report to the Board at each meeting and to keep the Board informed of all matters relevant to its role, and to advise the Chairman on all relevant matters arising between Board meetings.

5. Updating the board of directors on the financial position of the credit union, including submitting to the board of directors on a monthly basis unaudited financial statements that set out the financial position of the credit union.

6. To support the Board in the discharge of its role as the elected representative body of the Credit Union

7. To provide overall direction and leadership in the management of the Credit Union, developing and maintaining an effective working environment for employees.

8. Appointing or causing to be appointed such and so many persons as employees or as voluntary assistants as the manager considers appropriate after consulting with the management team of the credit union.

9. To propose for Board approval, policies and operational plans in relation to the remuneration and conditions of service of staff, as well as in relation to all matters pertaining to staffing numbers, recruitment, promotion and organisation structures. To ensure that plans are in place for the development and training of staff, and to monitor implementation.

10. To ensure the existence of policy guidelines in all operational areas within which authority, responsibility and accountability are delegated as appropriate to various levels of staff in the Credit Union

11. To set targets for all key operations of the Credit Union in line with Board policy.

12. To monitor, review and oversee the performance of staff reporting directly to him/her

13. Preparing or causing to be prepared such financial reports and returns as may be required by the auditor of the credit union.

14. Implementing the proper systems of internal control which the board of directors have approved.

15. To develop and present to the Board for approval, annual operating budgets and plans as well as capital budgets and programmes for all operations.

16. To authorise expenditure within budget in accordance with guidelines agreed with the Board.

17. Ensuring that all cash is deposited in accordance with the instructions of the board of directors.

18. To focus credit union operations to provide excellent customer services to the members and to meet with members to discuss any issues.

19. To provide an efficient lending service to members within the authorised limits granted to the manager and other staff credit officers and to interview loan applicants for loans up to the managers authorised limit.

20. To ensure there is adequate planning of the credit unions AGM and that members have adequate notice and that accounts are prepared in time in the proper format.

21. To ensure that all motions passed at the AGM of the Credit Union are regularly brought to the Board for implementation.

22. To ensure that adequate internal controls are in place to safeguard the assets of the credit union and in doing so make reference to recommendations made by Irish League of Credit Unions representatives, the credit union auditors report and representatives from the Central Bank.

23. To ensure the credit union has adequate insurance cover in place

24. To attend and contribute to meetings of such committees as may be directed by the Board.

25. To represent the Credit Union in its dealings with external bodies and to undertake such negotiations with staff, external service providers, partners and other Credit Unions as may be necessary. To undertake such representational and/or ceremonial duties as may be directed by the Board.

26. To ensure that the necessary returns have been made to the Irish League of Credit unions for entry to ILCU delegate meetings, that the necessary monitoring returns have been made to ILCU and that statutory annual returns have been made to the Central Bank.

24. To manage the credit unions information system and ensure the following:
– that the system is utilised and maintained effectively
– that the data on the system is kept up to date
– that systems and operational controls are developed and implemented on the credit unions computer system.
– that member data is backed up daily and stored off site

27. To undertake such other reasonable and lawful duties as may be directed from time to time by the Board.

The Manager has the authority to act as follows:

1. To act on behalf of the Board, to take all decisions and actions necessary for the discharge of the foregoing duties and responsibilities.

2. To delegate responsibility for appropriate aspects of his own responsibilities, subject to proper procedures for monitoring and control, within the management structure of the Credit Union.

3. To approve action plans prepared by staff to deal with any deviations from agreed operational plans and budgets within parameters as agreed by the Board.

4. To deal with staff matters relating to hiring, disciplinary procedures and conditions of service of staff in accordance with procedures laid down in the Credit Union’s personnel policy.

5. To assist in an advisory capacity to recommend increases/decreases in staffing levels.

6. To direct all levels of staff to undertake actions necessary for the implementation of Credit Union policy.

1. The quality of support for the Board.

2. The implementation of Board decisions and motions passed at AGM.

3. The quality of policy proposals, position papers, etc, presented to the Board.

4. The achievement of operational plans for all Credit Union operations within the agreed budgets.

5. The existence of policy guidelines for all significant areas of operation.

6. An effective management team.

7. A well trained motivated and committed staff and harmonious industrial relations.

8. The quality of decisions, acting on authority delegated by the Board.

9. Effective supervision of the performance of staff reporting to him/her.

10. The level of complaints from members regarding the operation of the Credit Union.

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Signed (On behalf of the Board): _____________________________________

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Recommended Credit Union Qualifications:
• Pathways Certificate/ Diploma in Credit Union Operations (ROI)
• Certificate in Credit Union Compliance & Risk (ROI)

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