The Lough Credit Union Introduces Touch ID Login for Mobile App CU-Anywhere

Touch ID Login Introduced for Members of The Lough Credit Union, Cork

The Lough Credit Union has gone above and beyond in order to introduce amazing new software – Touch ID. This new feature has been introduced to The Lough Credit Union’s mobile app: CU-Anywhere, and is seen as a key element in The Lough Credit Union’s new digital plan.



CU-Anywhere (app derived from CU-Online) is the credit union mobile app used for all members’ online banking. This smartphone app can be used on both Apple and Android and allows members to gain instant access into their accounts. Not only does CU-Anywhere allow access to view your balances, it also allows internal and external transfers of funds, the ability to set up standing orders, the ability to set up direct debits, add new payees and other functions seen on competitors’ apps. This is a fantastic one-stop-shop designed to allow members to have fully functional finances without the need of visiting their branch.


What Touch ID means for The Lough Credit Union Members:

Cork credit unions have been working tirelessly to provide the best services and products to all of our members. The Lough Credit Union’s introduction of Touch ID means that members can now ‘bin the pin’ and access their accounts with the simple scan of their fingerprint. In today’s technological progressive climate, people have hundreds of pins and passwords and it can certainly get a little (LOT) confusing. The introduction of Touch ID means that members have one less thing to worry about and can access their online banking seamlessly and with ease. What’s even better is that it’s completely free!


How to Register for Touch ID:

Registering for Touch ID could not be easier. 1) Make sure you have the CU-Anywhere App, 2) Login to your account, 3) click menu on the top right of the screen, 4) click ‘Register for Touch ID’.

Honestly, I’ve been using this for a few days now and it is amazing!


Touch ID Tutorials:

Just in case the above does not explain everything to you, please see our below YouTube links giving you step-by-step demonstrations of all CU-Anywhere registration details:

  1. How to register for for Touch ID via our app
  2. How to access your Credit Union via our app
  3. How to register for CU-Online
  4. How to login to your credit union account via a laptop

I hope that the above all helps!


If you have any questions about CU-Online or CU-Anywhere please either: call into one of our branches, call us on 021 496 3384 or email us at

The Lough Credit Union Sponsors The Lough Crib Illumination – Cork City Council

The Lough Crib Illumination

On Tuesday 7th December 2017 The Lough Credit Union was proud to sponsor The Lough Crib Illumination for Cork City Council.

The Lough Crib Illumination happens at the beginning of every December and is a wonderful event that brings The Lough community together to celebrate the magic of Christmas and the warmth of Cork. On the night, there were hundreds of mince pies and hot chocolates, sweets, trolley tokens, balloons, a fire-breathing, stilt-walking entertainer and 2 beautiful, blonde Christmas donkeys. Though Santa’s reindeer were busy resting for the big day to come, their cousins, the Christmas donkeys were absolutely stunning stand-ins.

Meeting The Lord Mayor Himself

Staff members from The Lough Credit Union were delighted to have the opportunity to have a chat with the Lord Mayor Tony Fitzgerald whilst taking in the lovely occasion. Tony was even nice enough to take a break to get a quick snap with them:

Left – Right: Mairéad Dineen (Cleric at The Lough Credit Union), Tony Fitzgerald (Lord Mayor of Cork) and Pádraig Power (Business Development and Marketing Officer at The Lough Credit Union)

Merry Christmas To Our Members

Tuesday really put us all in the Christmas Spirit here at The Lough Credit Union – so much so that we put up our Christmas decorations on Wednesday! With that in mind, we want to wish all of our members the happiest of Christmases and hope that you and your loved ones have the best Christmas yet. Of course, Christmas can be an expensive time, so if you need help making memories this year then please feel free to send in a loan application online, give us a call or call into one of our branches – we are always here to help and of course, we are ‘Local, Loyal and Lending’.

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The Lough Credit Union – Togher & Bandon Road – staff@loughcu,ie – 021 496 3384.

The Lough Credit Union AGM 2017 – 11th December

The Lough Credit Union 2017 AGM

The Lough Credit Union will be hosting its Annual AGM this coming Monday December 11th at 7.00pm at Scoil Mhuire na nGrás, Greenmount National School, Greenmount, Cork. 

The Lough Credit Union is committed to catering for and tending to its members. We pride ourselves on our personal and professional approach to lending and savings along with many other financial services including insurances, online banking and mobile apps.

AGM Prizes

Of course, we will have some fabulous prizes at our AGM, as we always do! This is one of our ways of saying thank you to our members for supporting their local Credit Union throughout the year and to toast to future successes for both us and for each and every one of our members.

AGM Competition Launches

Along with the AGM, we also have 2 competition launches. The first of these is for 2 prizes of €100! This is for all members who have their accounts fully up-to-date by January 26th and then March 2nd 2018. The second competition is a Car Loan competition for an outstanding prize of €500!

You can enter either competition without attending the AGM, but we urge all members to attend in order to have your voices heard in your Credit Union – and to win our prizes on the night of course.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday.

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The Lough Credit Union – Togher & Bandon Road – staff@loughcu,ie – 021 496 3384

Win €500 with The Lough Credit Union Car Loan Competition

The Lough Credit Union Car Loan Competition

Christmas is almost upon us and though for many that means focusing on Christmas gifts, you would be surprised at the amount of people that it means new cars for! I mean, we are coming into the New Year too. With that in mind, we sent out our AGM notifications last week and just had to add in a little car loan competition JUST for you!

Cars are a huge investment for any person/family and are a super important aspect of day-to-day life. Whether you’re looking for a mini to bring you from A to B or a family saloon to bring your family/friends on trips around the country, cars are a necessary part of day to day life. Of course, cars can also be expensive. Be it a new 2018 car or a second hand car, the costs can be very high and are not necessarily something that everyone can afford or want to pay from their savings. That’s where car loans come into play.

Car Loans with The Lough Credit Union

The Lough Credit Union has for a long time prided itself on its amazing car loan offers. We can unashamedly say that we feel we have THE BEST car loans in Cork. We have free loan insurance, amazing rates, fantastic advice and kind face-to-face and online services making taking our car loans as easy for all of our members as possible. Don’t be shy if you are thinking of a car loan – pop on in and we will certainly help you out.

The Car Loan Competition Itself:

That’s right; to enter our Car Loan Competition all you have to do is either pop on in and fill out an entry form or send a quick email to Pádraig and you’ll be laughing! The competition will end on February 23rd, after which we will be giving one lucky member a prize of €500! We’re quite jealous ourselves…

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The Lough Credit Union – Togher & Bandon Road – staff@loughcu,ie – 021 496 3384

The Lough Credit Union Sponsors The Lough Scouts

The Lough Credit Union Proudly Sponsors The Lough Scouts

As we often and loudly boast, at The Lough Credit Union, WE LOVE OUR LOCALS. We are a community run organisation whose sole passion is helping our members and those residing within our community. With that in mind, we were delighted to yet again put our money where our mouth is and sponsor The Lough Scouts for their annual calendar this year.


The Lough Scouts

The Lough Scouts is a fantastic, local organisation who strive to provide a service for children and teenagers in our community. This organisation provides a fun, safe space where members can release their creativity, socialise, learn new skills and create a close-knit, life-long friend base.

Details of The Lough Scout’s Sponsorship

The Lough Credit Union has always supported The Lough Scouts. Indeed, we are one of their key, founding sponsors. Due to this, we will always do our best to help them whenever we can. With the above said, this year we are delighted to follow our tradition of donating €100 to The Lough Scouts for their annual calendar. This is a great source of income for The Lough Scouts, which allows its members to take pride in their organisation with their calendar hanging proudly in their homes for the year. Of course, it’s also a great way to spread the news of a positive outlet within our community and get others interested in joining and volunteering for such a worthwhile organisation!


The children and volunteers at The Lough Scouts were so joyful and thankful when presented with their sponsorship and seeing the smiles on the members faces was more than we would have asked for. If you or your child are not already affiliated with this fantastic group of people you should certainly get onto them straight away because they really are a great group of people.

The Lough Credit Union sponsors a large host of charities and different organisations throughout the year. To keep up-to-date with who we sponsor and with our other going-ons, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and our mailing list.

The Lough Credit Union – Togher & Bandon Road – staff@loughcu,ie – 021 496 3384

Make Memories This Christmas with The Lough Credit Union’s Personal Loans

Christmas is About Family, Friends and Community

We know that everyone has a different view on the holidays, but one thing that is certain is that for the majority of people in our community, Christmas is always about their family, friends and neighbours and making the festive season one that they will always remember. Making memories is what sets this time of year apart from any other, allowing fond reminiscing and special moments that will always warm the heart. Of course, with these memories made by splurging on your loved ones, attending Christmas parties, dolling up your house and taking care of those you love, comes a heavy time on finances.

What we have seen in our community is that our members do not focus on the material aspect of Christmas and what they are spending on their loved ones, but rather how happy and joyous they are making them. The areas of The Lough, Togher and Cork City have always been steeped in history and memory making from some of the most giving, caring and loyal people in Ireland. With this in mind, The Lough Credit Union is here to help all members in their paths of memory making.

Personal Christmas Loans With The Lough Credit Union – Make Lasting Memories

As we said above, we know how important creating special memories and caring for friends, families and loved ones is within our community. With that in mind, we have the best loans available in order to make that happen.

Our Personal Christmas Loans are designed for you in mind with a 95% approval rate, free loan protection insurance and over €100,000,000 to lend our members. We focus on providing the best service available, which is why we are quickening our loan approval processes, improving our branches, adding staff and always putting our members first. The Lough Credit Union prides itself on looking after its members.

If you would like to inquire further about a Personal Christmas Loan then call into 1 of our branches, call us on 021 496 3384 or email us at

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Please note, that the above stunning advert has been designed in collaboration with the Cork Independent.


Home Improvement Loans – The Lough Credit Union

Why Invest in Your Home with a Home Improvement Loan?

There’s no doubt about it, home improvements can be costly and take time to get right. We have seen a huge pick-up in home improvements in recent times however, due to the current housing status. In Cork, we are going through a housing crisis, making it difficult for many people to find new homes or even rent. Because of this, the people of Cork and in the Lough and Togher areas have stated investing heavily in their homes, which is drastically increasing their value. Home improvements done right can increase the market value of your home, make your home a more comfortable and stylish place for you and your family and if you are a landlord, you can charge higher and still fair rent.

Why The Lough Credit Union is The Right Choice:

At The Lough Credit Union, not only do we offer you competitive loan improvement rates, but we also offer an outstanding service and benefits that you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Free loan protection insurance
  • Loan Interest Rebates
    • Both last year and the year before we paid 10% interest rebates back into the savings accounts of our members paying back loans, making our rates even more competitive
  • 95% loan approval rate
  • Your money goes into the community
    • As a not-for-profit organisation, we put the money you give to us back into the community via sponsorship and community initiatives, such as Togher Defibrillator Fund, Cork City Missing Person Search and Recovery, The Barrs and much more.

Ask Us About a Loan

We believe strongly in building your future. With that in mind, make sure to call us, email us or call into one of our offices. Our staff members provide excellent service for our members and always operate with the utmost discretion and the members’ needs in mind.

Unlike other institutions, we are a friendly, understanding face who are here to help you with financial aid and not to use loans solely for profit.

With that in mind, call us on 021 496 3384, email us at or call into 100-103, Bandon Road, or Shournagh Lawn, Togher.

Also, to keep up with all of our happenings, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or join our mailing list.

REMEMBER: We love our locals.

The images in this post were designed with the help of Cork Independent.

The Lough Credit Union Sponsors Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery

The Lough Credit Union Sponsors Large Amount to Cork City Persons Search and Recovery

As many of you many know, last week was Credit Union Week, and what better way to finish it off than by giving €1,000 in sponsorship to a fantastic charity?

On Friday, 20th October, 2017, The Lough Credit Union generously donated €1,000 to Cork City Missing Person Search and Recovery and you can see why below:


Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery

Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery has been around for the past 13 years and has been providing a much needed and appreciated service to our local communities. A registered charity based in Cork City, CCMPSAR conducts land and water based missing persons searches throughout Cork city & county and Ireland. Their services are free of charge and they will respond to call outs from Gardaí, Coast guard and family members of missing persons.

The service that they provide to the community or  family of a missing person is like no other. CCMPSAR meet these families in their darkest hour. Oftentimes, these families never knew that a voluntary service such as CCMPSAR existed, but they are always so thankful once known.  Speaking of their services, Chairman Edwin O’Sullivan states that,

“It is important to us to give these families hope and reassurance from the time they meet us that we will do everything within our power to search for and recover their loved one. Our search lengths vary from days to weeks to months and for this time we will continue to search. We utilize various pieces of equipment  such as boats, side scan sonar, which takes a live video feed of the river bed from our boat, a remote air drone and our dive section”.


Details of Sponsorship

The Lough Credit Union has always known about Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery and has wanted to donate for a long time. With this in mind, we reached out and contacted CCMPSAR to sponsor them €1,000, which they will use towards equipment and their services. It is important to The Lough Credit Union that we help our local community as much as humanly possible. We care about each person in our community and want our community to know just how much we care. We are thrilled to be able to give to such a worthy cause and to have our support mean so much to them.

L-R: Chris O’Donovan, John Daly, Edwin O’Sullivan, Irene O’Keefe, Pádraig Power

Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery’s Thanks to The Lough Credit Union

Following on from the above, Chairmand Ediwn O’Sullivan stated:

“The sponsorship from the Lough Credit Union will help us in the maintenance and purchasing of new equipment. It will ensure that our crew members will be able to provide our service in a safe manner. Without donations such as this, our searches would be a lot harder both mentally and physically. We are absolutely honoured that we where chosen by The Lough Credit Union and would like to thank them for the service they have provided us for years”.

The Lough Credit Union sponsors a large host of charities and different organisations throughout the year. To keep up-to-date with who we sponsor and with our other going-ons, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our mailing list.

The Lough Credit Union – Togher & Bandon Road – staff@loughcu,ie – 021 496 3384

International Credit Union Day at The Lough Credit Union

International Credit Union Day

International Credit Union Day has been around since 1958 and celebrates the Credit Union difference – the membership between us and our members. Members always have been and always will be the pillar-stone of the Credit Union movement, which is why, yet again, we want to celebrate our members and show you all a fantastic time!

What’s Happening in Our Branches

To celebrate International Credit Union Day, on Thursday October 19th we will host a day of festivities with in-house prize-givings, colouring for children, decorations, refreshments and most importantly, smiles on all of our members’ faces! Join us to celebrate the role the The Lough Credit Union plays in our community and the close relationship that we have with our members and everyone in our common bond.

This Year’s International Credit Union Day Theme

This year’s theme was well thought out and is, ‘Dreams Thrive Here’. This is to highlight the role that Credit Unions play in aiding our members in making personal and professional dreams a reality. We have always wanted to help our members to progress in their lives and to be of benefit to them in allowing them to get themselves even further along their chosen paths with financial aid. With a host of loan and savings products, we help all of our members for newborns to the elderly to make their dreams a reality and it is what keeps us going everyday.

The Rest of Credit Union Week

So, even though we are celebrating International Credit Union Day on Thursday, 19th October, we are actually celebrating throughout the entire week, as it is Credit Union Week! For this, we will be sponsoring a generous sum of money to Cork City Missing Person Search And Recovery on Friday 20th October. Cork City Missing Person Search And Recovery is one of Cork’s most amazing charities. Bringing hope and love to members of the community and showing that through working together we can achieve amazing results, Cork City Missing Person Search And Recovery really is a dream organisation.

We will also be kicking off Credit Union Week on Monday 16th October at 9pm with Cork Hour on Twitter, where we will be giving away a fantastic prize!

Make sure to join in in our Twitter conversation on Monday and to call into us on Thursday to celebrate your local Credit Union while we give you prizes to celebrate our local members.

For any questions on any of the above, feel free to email Pádraig at or call our offices on 021 496 3384.

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Irish Credit Unions Win Customer Experience & Shortlisted For LGBT Friendly Financial Institution

Customer Experience Winners & Shortlisted For LGBT Friendly Financial Institution – Irish Credit Unions

Though it is always the case, we have to say that we are filled with pride this week, as Credit Unions have both won Customer Experience Institution of the year and have been shortlisted as Ireland’s top LGBT Friendly Financial Institution 2017. It has always been the case that we put our members first and that members have been the most important part of our dynamic – but wow, is it rewarding to see that our members feel our love!


Customer Experience CXI Awards – Credit Unions Top The List

Image result for happy gif

The first of our astounding news is that Credit Unions have come out on top yet again as the top company in Ireland for Customer Experience. This is not the 1st time that this has happened and it’s not the 2nd either… this is the 3RD CONSECUTIVE YEAR that Credit Unions have been Ireland’s top Customer Experience Provider!

Of course, the main reason that we have topped this pole yet again is because of you. The Credit Union is Ireland’s only financial co-op between itself and its members. We ARE the community and it is because of the love that our members show us that we are able to reciprocate and provide excellent service – so thank you.


Shortlisted For LGBT Friendly Financial Institution


We are equally thrilled to be shortlisted for LGBT Financial Institution. Cork has a huge LGBT community and we are so happy to be part of such a great group of people! Corkonians alike have always supported one another and this is seen throughout the entire country – particularly being the first country in the world to pass gay marriage by popular vote. We are fully behind our LGBT brothers and sisters and are honoured to be shortlisted as Ireland’s best LGBT Friendly Financial Institution. With LGBT members of the community working in our offices and so many being our members, we are proud you know we care.

Of course, as Mama Ru would say:


Image result for if you can't love yourself then how the hell you gonna love somebody else gif

And we are delighted to say that we love the Credit Union and that we love you!

Image result for valentina smile gif

Thank You!

To finish off this post, we just want to say thank you to all of our members and to everyone in the country who voted for us to win and be shortlisted for these fantastic awards. It is because of you that we are open and because of you that we can show we care.


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