The Lough Credit Union Sponsors The Lough Crib Illumination – Cork City Council

The Lough Crib Illumination

On Tuesday 7th December 2017 The Lough Credit Union was proud to sponsor The Lough Crib Illumination for Cork City Council.

The Lough Crib Illumination happens at the beginning of every December and is a wonderful event that brings The Lough community together to celebrate the magic of Christmas and the warmth of Cork. On the night, there were hundreds of mince pies and hot chocolates, sweets, trolley tokens, balloons, a fire-breathing, stilt-walking entertainer and 2 beautiful, blonde Christmas donkeys. Though Santa’s reindeer were busy resting for the big day to come, their cousins, the Christmas donkeys were absolutely stunning stand-ins.

Meeting The Lord Mayor Himself

Staff members from The Lough Credit Union were delighted to have the opportunity to have a chat with the Lord Mayor Tony Fitzgerald whilst taking in the lovely occasion. Tony was even nice enough to take a break to get a quick snap with them:

Left – Right: Mairéad Dineen (Cleric at The Lough Credit Union), Tony Fitzgerald (Lord Mayor of Cork) and Pádraig Power (Business Development and Marketing Officer at The Lough Credit Union)

Merry Christmas To Our Members

Tuesday really put us all in the Christmas Spirit here at The Lough Credit Union – so much so that we put up our Christmas decorations on Wednesday! With that in mind, we want to wish all of our members the happiest of Christmases and hope that you and your loved ones have the best Christmas yet. Of course, Christmas can be an expensive time, so if you need help making memories this year then please feel free to send in a loan application online, give us a call or call into one of our branches – we are always here to help and of course, we are ‘Local, Loyal and Lending’.

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The Lough Credit Union Sponsors Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery

The Lough Credit Union Sponsors Large Amount to Cork City Persons Search and Recovery

As many of you many know, last week was Credit Union Week, and what better way to finish it off than by giving €1,000 in sponsorship to a fantastic charity?

On Friday, 20th October, 2017, The Lough Credit Union generously donated €1,000 to Cork City Missing Person Search and Recovery and you can see why below:


Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery

Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery has been around for the past 13 years and has been providing a much needed and appreciated service to our local communities. A registered charity based in Cork City, CCMPSAR conducts land and water based missing persons searches throughout Cork city & county and Ireland. Their services are free of charge and they will respond to call outs from Gardaí, Coast guard and family members of missing persons.

The service that they provide to the community or  family of a missing person is like no other. CCMPSAR meet these families in their darkest hour. Oftentimes, these families never knew that a voluntary service such as CCMPSAR existed, but they are always so thankful once known.  Speaking of their services, Chairman Edwin O’Sullivan states that,

“It is important to us to give these families hope and reassurance from the time they meet us that we will do everything within our power to search for and recover their loved one. Our search lengths vary from days to weeks to months and for this time we will continue to search. We utilize various pieces of equipment  such as boats, side scan sonar, which takes a live video feed of the river bed from our boat, a remote air drone and our dive section”.


Details of Sponsorship

The Lough Credit Union has always known about Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery and has wanted to donate for a long time. With this in mind, we reached out and contacted CCMPSAR to sponsor them €1,000, which they will use towards equipment and their services. It is important to The Lough Credit Union that we help our local community as much as humanly possible. We care about each person in our community and want our community to know just how much we care. We are thrilled to be able to give to such a worthy cause and to have our support mean so much to them.

L-R: Chris O’Donovan, John Daly, Edwin O’Sullivan, Irene O’Keefe, Pádraig Power

Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery’s Thanks to The Lough Credit Union

Following on from the above, Chairmand Ediwn O’Sullivan stated:

“The sponsorship from the Lough Credit Union will help us in the maintenance and purchasing of new equipment. It will ensure that our crew members will be able to provide our service in a safe manner. Without donations such as this, our searches would be a lot harder both mentally and physically. We are absolutely honoured that we where chosen by The Lough Credit Union and would like to thank them for the service they have provided us for years”.

The Lough Credit Union sponsors a large host of charities and different organisations throughout the year. To keep up-to-date with who we sponsor and with our other going-ons, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our mailing list.

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Our Charity with a Difference

For many years our credit union and our members’ have helped some of the poorest people in the world to have access to their own credit union. Through our support of the ILCU Foundation we are making a difference the world over.


Why our credit union & our members’ support the ILCU Foundation: 
In Cork City, we know the positive effects that The Lough Credit Union has made in our community. The work of ILCU Foundation in the developing world is hugely important as it supports credit unions to provide credit and saving facilities for poverty-stricken communities. Credit unions in low-income and developing countries can serve poor and marginalised people in society, who are normally overlooked by banks.


The history of the ILCU Foundation:
The ILCU Foundation was founded in 1980 and its mission is “to alleviate poverty in developing countries by supporting credit unions, their representative bodies and other co-operative type organisations as a means for socio-economic development through the provision of financial and technical assistance”.

The ILCU Foundation was set up out of a responsibility to share the success of the Irish credit union movement with similar movements in developing and low-income countries.


What type of work does the ILCU Foundation undertake?
The ILCU Foundation provides training for staff, directors and volunteers in credit unions in developing countries to ensure that the credit union is run in the best possible manner. It also helps to develop grassroots credit unions and guide more mature credit union movements through legislation and regulation.

Ted O'Sullivan sharing his knowledge with the attendants of a training course in Ethiopia.
Ted O’Sullivan, Douglas Credit Union, sharing his knowledge with the attendants of a training course in Ethiopia.


The Credit Union Effect – Shifine Mamo – Member of Gerda Busa Credit Union
Profit earned from trading vegetables that she produced on her small farm has allowed widowed mum -of- four Shifine Mamo to send all of her children to school. And following the recent graduation of her son from technical college, she is determined that her other children will also finish their education. 45-year-old Shifine is a founder member of the village credit union established with support from the ILCU Foundation in Gerda Busa village, Ethiopia, eight years ago.

Widowed mum of four Shifine on her farm in Gerda Busa village, Ethiopia
Widowed mum of four Shifine on her farm in Gerda Busa village, Ethiopia

She has received several loans from the credit union, and has used them to buy two half acre plots of land close to the village. She has bought a pump and other equipment to irrigate the crops, and now has two productive vegetable plots. Shifine is now able to grow and sell several crops of onion, tomato and other vegetables, each year. Last year she borrowed 6,000 Ethiopian Birr (€ 250) to invest in farm improvements, and at her most recent harvest sold her produce for five times that amount. ‘It is hard to raise your children without their father, but it would have been much harder for me if I hadn’t been able to start this business with help from the credit union,’ she said. Shifine Mamo sells some of the produce that she grows to local traders, but uses it also for her family. ‘We now have a much better diet,’ she said.

Shifine is optimistic about the future, and believes that her role as a member of her local savings and credit cooperative can benefit others in her community. ‘It is pleasing to see others saving and borrowing from our group, and getting the chance to increase their income and make better lives for themselves,’ she adds.

Our support of the ILCU Foundation will ensure that people like Shifine will continue to have access to a credit union to develop her farm and improve the standard of living for her family.


If you would like to read more about this life changing work please visit