The Lough Credit Union Introduces Touch ID Login for Mobile App CU-Anywhere

Touch ID Login Introduced for Members of The Lough Credit Union, Cork

The Lough Credit Union has gone above and beyond in order to introduce amazing new software – Touch ID. This new feature has been introduced to The Lough Credit Union’s mobile app: CU-Anywhere, and is seen as a key element in The Lough Credit Union’s new digital plan.



CU-Anywhere (app derived from CU-Online) is the credit union mobile app used for all members’ online banking. This smartphone app can be used on both Apple and Android and allows members to gain instant access into their accounts. Not only does CU-Anywhere allow access to view your balances, it also allows internal and external transfers of funds, the ability to set up standing orders, the ability to set up direct debits, add new payees and other functions seen on competitors’ apps. This is a fantastic one-stop-shop designed to allow members to have fully functional finances without the need of visiting their branch.


What Touch ID means for The Lough Credit Union Members:

Cork credit unions have been working tirelessly to provide the best services and products to all of our members. The Lough Credit Union’s introduction of Touch ID means that members can now ‘bin the pin’ and access their accounts with the simple scan of their fingerprint. In today’s technological progressive climate, people have hundreds of pins and passwords and it can certainly get a little (LOT) confusing. The introduction of Touch ID means that members have one less thing to worry about and can access their online banking seamlessly and with ease. What’s even better is that it’s completely free!


How to Register for Touch ID:

Registering for Touch ID could not be easier. 1) Make sure you have the CU-Anywhere App, 2) Login to your account, 3) click menu on the top right of the screen, 4) click ‘Register for Touch ID’.

Honestly, I’ve been using this for a few days now and it is amazing!


Touch ID Tutorials:

Just in case the above does not explain everything to you, please see our below YouTube links giving you step-by-step demonstrations of all CU-Anywhere registration details:

  1. How to register for for Touch ID via our app
  2. How to access your Credit Union via our app
  3. How to register for CU-Online
  4. How to login to your credit union account via a laptop

I hope that the above all helps!


If you have any questions about CU-Online or CU-Anywhere please either: call into one of our branches, call us on 021 496 3384 or email us at