5 Home Improvement Tips & Ideas

With children back to school and autumn setting in, September/October is the perfect time of year to dust the shelves, sit down and think of some great ways to improve your home. Home improvements can be brilliant for comfort and style and adding value to your home. At The Lough Credit Union, we know about home improvement struggles and we know that many of our members are always on the hunt for inspiration. Because we love you all so much, we decided to give you some tips.

5 Home Improvement Tips:


1. Get Inspired

Often, we get inspired when we’re looking around our home. We see something and think, “Ooh, it would be so nice if I changed this, put this there, redesigned that”, etc. Sometimes we get so caught up in our ideas that we run to the shops, buy DIY bits or call a contractor and get the work done straight away. This is great time-wise, but does it always have the best result? We recommend looking on Pinterest, Instagram, or in your friends’/families’ homes for inspiration before you invest. This can spark your imagination for even better home improvements – and can often save you cash too! Looking around online can help find tricks and tips to improve your home on a budget and achieve even better results.


2. Invest in The Right Tools/Contractor

We know from personal experience how easy it is to get the equipment for your new presses, shelves, cabinets, etc. and then skimp on buying the right tools, or choosing a contractor just because they’re a little cheaper than who you really wanted. These seem like intelligent ways to save a penny, particularly when doing an expensive home improvement project. Honestly, this can end up costing you even more in the long-run! Cheap tools/work often result in a finished product that just isn’t as perfect as it could be. From experience on the tools front – sometimes your hard work and efforts can even fall apart sooner than you had imagined! Take a step back, invest in the right things and you won’t be sorry.


3. Take a Home Improvement Loan

Using the right tools/contractor can be expensive, but is worth it because you are adding value to your home. Of course, you firstly need to have the money to spend to do this at all! As home improvement projects do not pay for themselves, you can come to The Lough Credit Union and ask us about taking a home improvement loan. With fantastic interest rates of 9.9%, over 95% of loans approved and flexible repayment plans, we will make sure to take care of you and offer you the best service so that you can have the best home for you.


4. Have a Plan

Boring… we know! You should sit down, have a look at your options, plan what you are going to do, your materials, your contractor and your time-line. We have seen SO MANY unfinished home improvement projects. You surely have too right? This is the worst scenario. Having unfinished projects defeats the work you have done, often looks worse than before and does not add value to your home. Logistics may not be the most exciting aspect of home improvements, but they are key.


5. Have FUN!

Once you have the right design, plan and home improvement loan there is nothing to do but have fun! Home improvements can be such a fun process and whether you’re living alone, in a family or with friends it can be a real release of creativity and a bonding experience. Home improvements are a great way to stay off the internet and look away from the television and who doesn’t take pride in making their home an even better place to live?

We hope that the above tips and tricks for improving your home helps and if you have any financial queries or want to inquire about taking out a home improvement loan then do not hesitate to pop into The Lough Credit Union, email us @ staff@loughcu.ie or call us on 021 496 3344 – remember, We Love Our Locals!

5 Back To School Tips For Cork Students

It is that dreaded time of year once again where the days get shorter, students have to rise earlier and the roads become a nightmare for everyone else. We know that study is not what you want to be thinking about right now – and we know how stressed your parents can be making sure that you get back in the swing of things! With that is mind, we decided to do what’s best of our Union of Corkonian students out there and make a list of 5 things that are sure to help you get back in (and stay in!) the swing of things.

The Lough Credit Union‘s Top Back to School Tips:

Tip 1: Prep With The Proper School Equipment

Cork School Supplies

Starting back in school is stressful enough without realising on your 1st day that you forgot to bring pens, enough copies, update your pencil case to your new favourite trend, etc. With this in mind, students and parents alike need to make sure that this is the last of your worries! With plenty of great local school supply stores in Cork, there are no excuses for Cork student’s not to have the perfect equipment. We do know that school supplies can be expensive, however, so if you do need a hand then parents – don’t hesitate to come in and apply for a back to school loan. With over 95% of our loans approved, we will have your children prepped and ready to go!

Tip 2: Don’t Procrastinate

Easier said than done, but if you procrastinate from the get-go then you are only making things more difficult for yourself when you try to get back on track! Sit down with your friends, teachers, parents or guardians and set a realistic plan into action. You’ll thank yourself for it later!

Tip 3: Get Involved!

Hurling By The Lough

Study is important, but socialising can be equally so. Make sure to join your friends in fun activities, whether that be drama, sport, art, music – whatever takes your fancy! These are important activities not only to keep you happy and for personal development, but also to excite your brain so when you do study you soak up more knowledge easier.

Tip 4: Figure Out How You Learn Best

Without getting technical, we all learn differently. Some people learn by seeing, other by doing and others by hearing – figure out what suits you best! The traditional thinking of studying in complete silence and staring at a page can be effective, but maybe not for you!

Tip 5: Sleep

We hate to be the boring old sods, but sleep is important and has to be done… just think of all of the energy you’ll have tomorrow!


For Parents Struggling – Hit Us Up For a Back to School Loan

For all of the parents out there who struggle with school and college supplies, don’t be worried. There are many people in Ireland and in Cork who deal with always rising school fees and supplies and we are always here to help those who need it. Feel free to call into either of our offices if you are in our common bond. We are located on Bandon Road and in Togher. Study loans can really help out and with out low interest rates and 95% approval rate, you can be sure that we are here to help you.