What is CU@WORK?

CU@WORK is designed to provide you with a great way to save and repay loans directly at source from your wages or salary.

Your loan repayment or the amount you decide save can be automatically deducted from your pay and lodged into your designated Credit Union account with the deduction itemised on your payslip (you may have deduction already for VHI, Pension etc). This service enables you to manage your finances, build up your savings and develop a good credit history


Our CU@WORK scheme currently operates in the following companies to whom we extend our thanks:

- University College Cork
- Bons Secours Hospital
- Heineken
- Health Services Executive

If your employer is not listed you may still be able to avail of the scheme. See the next section for more details.

How to Join

Joining our CU@WORK scheme is simple:

1 - Become a member of The Lough Credit Union and get your BIC & IBAN from us
2 - Decide how much you want to save every month, or if you have a loan with us, you can choose to repay it via payroll deduction also.
3 - Contact your Payroll/HR Department advising them that you would like to set up a deduction into your Credit Union account. If your employer does not facilitate this process, they can contact us.
4 - Your Payroll Department will deduct funds directly from your salary in line with your instructions and forward it to us. We will lodge these funds directly to your Credit Union account.

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